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Youth Ministry to Ukrainian Refugees in Prague 

Olena Nineteen-year-old Olena’s mother took it upon herself to call the leaders of the Thursday night youth group. Ever since she and her daughter fled Ukraine after the conflict began ...
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The Integration House: Housing for Ukrainian Refugees in Athens

With the conflict in Ukraine now in its second year, assisting refugees has become a daily concern. Europe and the rest of the free world have been overwhelmed by the ...
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The Local Church in Romania Serving Ukrainian Refugees

Amid the crisis in Ukraine, Greater Europe Mission partnered with a local church in Romania. Together, they sought to serve and house refugees evacuating Ukraine. In doing so, GEM and ...
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Our focus is on relief in the short term, support in the midterm,
and to multiply the gospel in the long term.

Relief now.

As the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine increase daily, we’re working quickly to address the physical needs on the ground. Our missionaries and trusted partners along the border countries are already receiving and housing refugees, specifically in Moldova, Romania, and Czech. This work also includes relief for the local Church in Ukraine- providing relief to brothers and sisters still in the country.

Support in the transition.

In the first four weeks, an unprecedented 4 million refugees have entered the EU. These people will need a long-term support system and we believe God will use the local European church to fulfill this need. GEM will work to provide training around Discipleship Evangelism, support for trauma counseling, language services, funds for practical needs, and much more.  

Multiplication of the Gospel.

Driven by the belief that God uses crisis for opportunity, GEM’s focus will be to raise up Ukrainian church-planters in cities across Europe. We will work alongside the local church and partners in the cities most affected by the influx of refugees to help multiply God’s church across Europe. is a place where missionaries share specific updates on what is unfolding in the Ukraine and guides to how we can pray and help.

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With the crisis affecting families,
reaching Europe is critically strategic
for multiplication of the Gospel
more than ever before.

Did you know Europe contains less than 2% of committed followers of Jesus Christ? Europe is actually one of the least reached place in the world.

The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across Europe has opened incredible opportunities for people to know the truth and peace of Jesus Christ.

Europe historically has been the influential epicenter for learning, philosophy, art, architecture and religion for more than 2000 years. Now, with the ongoing refugee crisis, reaching Europe is critically strategic for world revival more than ever before.