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Why Europe?


We believe that Europe is the most strategic continent for missions in the world.

Europe is Unreached.

Europe is Critical.

Europe is Ready.

Europe is Unreached

Almost every village, town and city across Europe contain less than 2% of committed followers of Jesus Christ. Every city is punctuated by stunning churches, but very few are home to thriving groups of Christians. Few people have been befriended by genuine disciples of Jesus.

Europe is Ready

It is time for Europe. The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across the continent has rocked the foundation of many indigenous Europeans. Many declare crisis, we proclaim opportunity. The Church in Europe is ready for a new discipleship movement. Old and New Europeans are ready to meet Jesus and his followers.

Europe is Critical

Europe is the intersection of world cultures. It has been the historically influential epicenter for learning, philosophy, art, architecture and religion for more than 2000 years. Now, with the ongoing refugee crisis, reaching Europe is critically strategic for world revival more than ever before.


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