What kind of impact can you make in just two years?

We think a big one. Join Greater Europe Mission on an endeavour that will undoubtedly change your life and the lives of Europeans. LAUNCH is designed to give you an immersive and hands-on mission experience. You will learn to do real ministry in a post-Christian context, receive discipleship training, experience life in a new culture, and be a light in the most overlooked mission field in the world.



Begin your ministry by learning the local language, culture, and the current ministry team’s strategy. Through your partnerships with local GEM workers, you’ll receive ministry training and learn how to reach the locals in your area.


Through on-going training, you’ll dive deeper into the practical practice of disciple-making in Europe. Mission work in Europe is not easy. You’ll be pressed and stretched throughout the experience, but that will produce opportunities for great growth.  


We ask that you give yourself fully to the mission field for 2 years. Give your energy, prayers, time, and heart. Most of all, that you would give yourself over to the work happening on the ground so that more Europeans can experience the true love of Jesus.  


















Is LAUNCH right for you?

Are you passionate about Missions in Europe?

We believe that Europe is the most overlooked mission field in the world. Do you feel called to live with and minister to the people of Europe?

Are you in discipling relationships now?

The gospel moves at the speed of relationships in Europe so you must already have a practice of creating regular discipiling relationships where you are today.

Are you interested in missions as a career?

The LAUNCH program is designed to give a taste of full-time life on the mission field. It's not a commitment, but we need people that are serious about the possibility of life on cross-cultural mission. 

Are you a humble learner?

In this program, you will be joining a team that's already doing a work in their area and among native Europeans. The call is to join in on that work and humbly learn what it's like to do ministry in this context. 

Do I have to learn a new language?

Well, sort of! If you were secretly hoping to take a stab at a new grapheme structure, aka language, you have come to the right place!

But if you mean learning a new language to fluency so you can join a philosophy club (for ministry purposes of course), then no. The program will start off with a few months of language learning so you can function well in your role. Growing to fluency in your spare time is still on the table if you really do love philosophy.

How much does Launch cost?

Have you ever been to one of those fancy seafood restaurants where the menu often says “market price” on itIt’s sort of like that sometimes in the journey of serving overseas. We could tell you a ballpark price, but the better answer is it will likely change based on many factors throughout the process.

Does GEM offer help to make fundraising easier?

Can fundraising really be made easier? Yes! It certainly can! GEM has a great program with fantastic staff to help you through the fundraising process.

This is a higher cost than other 2-year programs I’ve seen. Why is that?

There are several reasons for this.  One, Europe can be an expensive place.  Another reason is that GEM wants to make sure you are setup for success in all areas of your life, even your future finances, so our fundraising requirements could be higher than others because of this.

What does day to day life look like on the Launch program?

The Launch program is a full-time role. It’s for those who are passionate to see the Kingdom come. It’s for people who want to gain real experience and develop into lifelong disciples and disciple-makers.

Day-to-day life will look like more than setting up for events or doing the dishes, although you will probably get your hands dirty. You will have real responsibility that will provide real ministry skill development to set you up for a career in ministry. Day-to-day life in Launch is about developing into a capable ministry professional. Joining Launch means you will bring your devotion to see your context radically transformed as you serve.

Do I get to visit home while gone for two years?

Before we answer this question, let’s start by reflecting on what this program is for. This program is for someone passionate about giving a longer season of life to ministry. It’s also for those who want to pursue ministry life for the rest of their lives, and use the Launch experience on their resume, or turn pro in Europe.

That said, there will be opportunities for time off, rest, and recuperation. These opportunities are given for you to be successful in ministry, and avoid burnout, so we do want to value your service and energy level with our policies.

Vacation time and visiting family, or family visiting you, will be handled with your supervisor, just like any other role with certain time frames that are more suitable for vacation than others.  

What is GEM’s commitment to me during Launch?

We’re committed to giving you what life really feels and looks like living overseas. There will be adulting! Living overseas has its adulting challenges even for the most seasoned middle-aged adults. Living overseas can be a joy and a challenge of a lifetime, but those who do rarely want to take it back because of the catalytic experience it was and is.  

We are also committed to providing you professional and spiritual development so you can thrive and produce real ministry fruit. It’s one thing to toss some time toward Habitat for Humanity for a day and feel good about yourself, but it’s a whole other level to serve on the ground for an extended period of time where your life will never be the same.  

We’re also committed to providing you professional-level ministry experiences that go beyond sweeping the floors, although you may do some of that too!  GEM is committed to giving you exciting (and sometimes, many times, exhausting) opportunities for you to be a living sacrifice and pour your life out for the Kingdom in Europe.

What can I expect from my field leader?

If you have been with us for Ten2, or done other short-term mission trips, this is different. It’s different in length of time which changes a lot of factors.

Because of the significant time you will be giving to the launch program your communication with your field leader will certainly be more robustIt looks more like being on the same team than it does receiving orders from them. It will look more like setting strategy together, than coming in to execute what’s already been laid out for you.

Your field leader has your back and wants to see you succeed and thrive in ministry. Therefore, they want to give you direction, guidance, and oversight to ultimately see Europe transformed hand in hand.  

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