Missions in Germany

Though having strayed far from its rich theological past, Germans are looking for answers as they are experiencing cultural and economic upheaval that the migration crisis has brought. Bold missionaries and nationals are needed to guide the hurting people of Germany to Jesus and to care for seeking immigrants running from violence and poverty!

Read ABOUT the German mission field

Encouraging Locals to Fulfill the Great Commission in Germany

"For the first time in many years, Karina felt heard and seen. She had been a Christian for many years but seemed to have little concept of herself as a beloved child of God..."

Hope in Despair: How God is Reaching Prostituted Women During COVID-19

"Rachel learned about the brothels after moving to Cologne and it took five years to finally gain access inside. Slowly, Rachel and her small team of women started to win the favor of the manager..."

The Suitcase: How Ministry Partners Can Impact the Field

"Just as the members of Alex’s church reached with open arms across the ocean to embrace him, so too can we act, give, and pray boldly for those in ministry and have ripple effects into eternity."

"University ministry is a great opportunity to share the faith with people who may take the gospel back to where they came from become missionaries in their own country!"


Pray for physical and spiritual needs to be met in Germany!

  • Pray that believing Germans will develop a passion to reach out to unsaved fellow citizens
  • Pray for believers to also be infused with love for the Muslim immigrants moving into the country.
  • Pray that God will anoint the creative outreaches that evangelical Christians are doing.