“Worth The Risk”: an Original Song for the Great Commission

"Worth The Risk": an Original Song for the Great Commission

This summer, songwriter and Ten2 Project leader, Nathan Mell, wrote “Worth the Risk.” An original song for the Great Commission, “Worth the Risk” was in response to a call by Greater Europe Mission’s president, Jon Burns. Jon asked Nathan to create a song that mobilizes us to go to the nations based on the phrase “Worth the Risk.”

Inspired by scripture, he began writing a song that captures what it means to step into the Great Commission.

Nathan’s favorite lyrics, “To die like you did for the church” hold a weighty message for us all.

“It scared me to death after I wrote it down,” Nathan said. “I took a huge sigh and said out loud ‘Okay, do I mean this? Lord, I pray that I do.’ It shook me, but that line is my favorite, because it leads into ‘it’s worth the risk to gain everything’ which is based out of Philippians 1 that says ‘To live is Christ, to die is gain.'”

“I hope people listen and they like it,” Nathan shared. “Then they listen again and fall in love with the message and the melody. Then they can’t stop listening and their heart is gripped to go to the nations. My hope with this song is that they realize that God’s desires are greater than theirs.”

You can find “Worth the Risk” here or on all music platforms.

Songwriter: Nathan Mell

Vocals: Nathan Mell, Arberie Krasniqi

Keys: Kristian Morris

Videography: Emma Hearn

Live recording in Bashkësia e Popullit të Zotit (Fellowship of the Lord’s People) in Prishtinë, Kosovo.

About the author: Emma Hearn, Ten2 2021 Participant & Storyteller