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This ministry began in 2012 when Greg served as the director of Greater Europe Mission’s Europe-wide ministry to immigrants and refugees. In 2015, Debby joined in the work in Prague at the train station as refugees poured into Europe. She met Petra Damms (a Czech national) and others who soon petitioned the Czech government to allow Christian Iraqi families to settle in the Czech Republic. Petra was looking for others to help resettle the displaced families and Debby firmly believed in the cause. Debby joined Petra’s project which eventually became a Czech NGO called “Dignity”. Greg and Debby’s hearts have always been about introducing the refugees to Christ and the hope they can find in Him. In 2022, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the work has turned toward helping those fleeing the war. Greg and Debby had lived in Odessa Ukraine for 10 years and have embraced a transition to help these dear people.

Prague is a destination city for refugees, but the Czech government has generally been reluctant to accept refugees. The recent arrival of the displaced Ukrainians has produced a different reaction. Because the Czechs and Ukrainians share a common history and both speak a Slavic language, the Ukrainians are currently being welcomed as long-lost cousins. While Greg and Debby continue to work with the refugees from various backgrounds, the majority of their efforts has now been redirected toward coming alongside the Ukrainians who are trying to figure life out in the midst of being displaced by war. The goal is to help bring about healing in body, mind and soul. Money donated to this account will be used to share Jesus and provide aid (e.g. shelter, food, language study helps, vocational training, and education services) to families who are legally permitted to reside in the Czech Republic.