Emma Turner

Emma Turner

Serving women and refugees


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My Story

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon in a Pastor's family, which lit the flame that fueled my love for ministry from a young age. During college, I served a long side my church leadership in ministering to our youth. In this time, I learned my deep love for empowering young women through the power of the gospel and God's word. After finishing college with my B.A. in Global Studies, the Lord called me into exploring international ministry work through missions, leading me to Greater Europe Mission.

Where I Work

I will be working in France, a country rich in religious history and culture. Today, less than 1% of France identifies as knowing or having a personal relationship with Jesus. In a demographically ever changing country, my desire is to share the truth about Jesus with both native French, as well as immigrants, a like. I am currently $550/month away from being ready to leave for the mission field! Would you consider joining my financial support team?