Nathaniel Mell

Serving as a Mobilizer for Greater Europe Mission

Europe ; North America

Account# 29405

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My Story

I am from Nashville and have been a working musician since I graduated college. But I was called to full-time ministry after meeting Jesus in 2017. While working at a church I met a gentleman in a Chick-fil-A that told me about the 2% Christian statistic in that region. A month later I quit my job and moved overseas with GEM for a season. The Lord brought me back to the states and I am continuing to pray and work earnestly to send and be sent for the harvest field of Europe.

Where I Work

I will be based in the United States 8 months out of the year, and in Europe during the summer months. I will lead trips to Europe throughout the 8 months while in the states but also recruit at churches and college campuses. The summer will be with the Ten2 Project. I will move overseas eventually for a longer season, but right now, I am making disciples and recruiting for both continents.