80 Students Spent their Summer in Europe–Here’s What Happened

From the UK to Romania, the 2022 Ten2 Project’s participants joined 17 communities across Europe this summer. Partnering with long-term missionaries on the field, the 84 university-age adults served in coffee shops, churches, businesses, orphanages, hostels, camps and on university campuses.  

A common theme for many this summer: 

When you are obedient to what God calls you to do, He will bless it and there will be fruit. 

One team found themselves doing something completely different when their ministry assignment changed right before landing in their field. They had to adjust their attitudes and expectations to meet their country’s needs. While this veritable shift could have been upsetting, the team remained flexible and gave it to God. He honored their obedience and filled them with joy as they served in their new ministry capacities. 

For another team, completing a week of street evangelism filled them with exuberance. While they went out hesitant, nervous and anxious about the task ahead, they came back having seen the fruit of the Spirit. They’d shared the Gospel with every house in the community and witnessed many turn to follow Christ! God blessed the team’s faithfulness to share the Gospel even though it meant stepping out of their comfort zones.  

Ten2 participant Chloe shared her own personal experience of God stretching her past her own strength and the fruit she immediately saw from her obedience. Despite a dislike for public speaking and anxiousness about correctly and clearly teaching God’s Word, Chloe taught the story of the prodigal son during a youth camp hosted by the local church.  

Connecting our Father’s love to the father’s love in the story, she shared the Gospel with a room full of youth. Afterwards, two Muslim girls approached her about the story. The girls had never heard the Gospel and never experienced such forgiving and kind parental love. This generous love of the Father gave Chloe a chance to share more with them. 

“God moved in my weakness despite my insecurities.” Chloe shared about her experience. 

Through the Ten2 Project, God is touching hearts all over Europe with His love. He uses the faithful obedience of these participants to further His Kingdom. God’s message of love is not just for those who are being served but also for those serving. Each and every participant has stories of seeing God move in their own hearts and lives over the summer. 

After 10 weeks in Europe this past summer, these participants have returned home with lessons He has taught them, a deeper relationship with Christ, callings into futures in ministry, and a clearer view of missions.   

Please pray for them as they process their experiences and discern God’s path for their future.  

Pray for the seeds that have been sown across Europe.  

And pray for next year’s Ten2 Project as the team has already begun preparations. 

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About the author: Katey Leavelle is a storyteller with Greater Europe Mission serving across Europe.