Prayer Call Archive

Prayer for England

October 7, 2022

This week, Leslie is joined by Steve and Sarah Caton in England. The Catons share how they’re coming alongside their church community, helping others to discern the missional heartbeat God has given them.

How To Pray: Pray that the Caton’s would find balance in their work in local ministries and extended ministries across Europe. Pray that God would use the seed He has placed in each individual to bring glory to Himself.

Pray for the Micro-Church Community in the UK

September 30, 2022

On this week's prayer call, Leslie is joined by the Lothamers. The Lothamers share about the ministry they have been involved in the past 11 years in the UK.

How To Pray: For the Lothamers as they process and pray through a transitional period. Pray for wisdom to encourage and lead the micro-church community.

The Sport and Fitness Impact Zone

September 23, 2022

This week, Leslie and Eric talk about how they connect with their local communities through sports and fitness.

How To Pray: For the Gospel to pervade communities through sports and fitness missions. Pray for the hearts of the workers to be transformed by God. Pray for more laborers to be sent into the field of Europe.

Prayer for Ten2

September 16, 2022

This week, Jon and Leslie are joined with Alaina Sankey, the Ten2 Project Manager, to hear about her role within the Ten2 Project. Alaina shares stories from this past summer.

How To Pray: For endurance for the Ten2 Project team. Pray for discernment for the students returning home from Ten2 2022.

Prayer for the United Kingdom

September 9, 2022

This week, Jon, Sandra, and Leslie join together to pray for the United Kingdom in response to the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth.

How To Pray: For the UK to find hope in Christ amidst a time of mourning. Pray for the legacy of the Queen's faith to be remembered.

Pray for the UK

September 2, 2022

On this week's prayer call, Jon and Leslie talk with Jessica and Seb, who serve the UK. They share about their ministry in Scotland and their heart for the UK.

How To Pray: For revival in the UK. Pray for missionaries serving Europe to be encouraged and equipped to serve their communities.

Pray for Italy

August 26, 2022

This week, Jon and Leslie chat with Jessie, who serves in Italy, about relational ministry. Jessie shares about the ways he gets involved with his local community to build relationships.

How To Pray: For the families serving in Italy. Pray for more laborers to be sent to Italy. Pray for the church partnerships and church planting taking place in Italy.

Prayer for Evangelism

August 19, 2022

This week, Jon and Leslie are joined by Forrest. Together, they discuss evangelism.

How To Pray: Pray for Forrest's transition to a new ministry in a new location.

Pray for Germany

August 12, 2022

This week, Leslie is joined by Stephan. Stephan, the Sending Director for Germany, shares about his work with GEM's Focus Cities and Impact Zones.

How To Pray: For more laborers to be raised up in Germany. Pray for adjustment into GEM and support raising for upcoming missionaries.