Why Birmingham?

Birmingham, the chief city in the West Midlands of England is the third largest population center in the U.K. Although only a short two-hour train ride from London, in many ways the two cities could not be more different.

While London represents the English elite – Royalty and Government, Birmingham has always been the capital of the working man. In fact, the whole of the West Midlands is the heart of the Industrial Revolution and still today attracts the working class from across the globe, alongside of it’s famous University, which is also one of the most diverse learning centers on the planet.

The city hums with the combination of these two key demographics – the youth and the working class all drawn to the city by the hopes of a better life. In the midst of this, the demographics change drastically town by town and neighborhood by neighborhood. The Kingdom response to this intense diversity has been a network of smaller, neighborhood churches focused on creating relevant community expressions of the Gospel paired with services and programs that tangibly impact the immediate local population.


Meet the Host


Heather Kirkland

Heather is serving in the UK simply because she heard the Lord say “GO!” and make disciples there.

After years of International College Ministry in the states she understood the impact of bringing many nations together for discipleship. Sharing the Gospel, Equipping them in the Word and Empowering them to do the same.

She is passionate about engaging with people that have never heard the gospel, walking with them side by side---life on life and raising them up into their calling and purposes in the Lord.

Her heart is to Engage, Equip and Empower the nations that the Lord Himself has drawn to the UK. So that together we can see disciples that will make disciples until there is NO PLACE LEFT that hasn't heard the good news.