Birmingham as a city

Built on the heritage of industry and commerce, Birmingham is a modern and vibrant city.  It is a centre for innovation and a hub of modern commerce, industry, entertainment, and learning. Birmingham is also the youngest city in Europe, having been rebuilt extensively after WWII. Over 80,000 university students attend one of the city’s five universities. Currently 45% of the population is under 30.  The city is heavily investing in its 20-year “Big City Plan” a master redevelopment plan for the city centre, there is more investment capital being spent in Birmingham than London, Milan, and Paris. Birmingham (1.1 million) is the second city of the United Kingdom, a super-diverse city in the region of the West Midlands (4.3 million). There is currently a Muslim population of 27.5%, mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

The need in Birmingham

Spiritually the church is small, some believe the “evangelicals” to be around 0.5% of the population. Currently we partner with 30+ churches. Most are church plants under 50 people that have been planted in the past 8 years. They are in need of workers, leadership, finances, maturity, encouragement and prayer, so that they can become sustainable and reproduce, as  some have already done.

The Engage West Midlands Initiative

Focus City Birmingham is known as Engage West Midlands locally, a movement of evangelism and discipleship which includes the entire region. This initiative can be summarized in three words: Train, Transform, Together.

The city will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. When you come to the city you will see new things being built everywhere and we want to do our part, by building what’s most important - God’s Kingdom. We partner with the best churches and ministries to expand His Kingdom, launching discipleship multiplication movements in the city and beyond. Join us! Make disciples in one of the youngest and most exciting cities in Europe!

Serve In Birmingham

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