Jim Lynette Hatcher

Jim & Lynette Hatcher

Building the Kingdom in Austria and Central Europe

Austria/Central Europe

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From the moment we knew God was leading us to each other back in 1981, we sensed His call on our lives to serve Him in a cross-cultural context - we just didn't know it would be in Austria. But God guided us, taking our love for His Word and the local church, and our background as teachers, and putting us in a place where we could use our gifts to help build the church in Austria. We arrived in Vienna in 1986 and have never looked back.

Our ministry here in Austria revolves around three commitments: (1) making disciples and teaching in an Austrian local church and beyond; (2) engaging in leadership development through an Austrian church-based training ministry called BAO (Jim); and (3) serving the larger GEM missionary community as regional leader for 6 countries in central Europe (Jim) and ministering to GEM women (Lynette). The countries in central Europe straddle East and West, including Romania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in the east and Austria, Germany and Switzerland in the west.