Discipleship in Iceland

Discipleship in Iceland

Ray, a GEM worker, arrived in Iceland in 1985 as a young missionary. As a new field for GEM, the possibilities for ministry in Iceland were wide open. Eventually, Ray became discouraged and frustrated in his ministry in Iceland. 

“I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished anything. There are no Icelandic people that had come to Christ. I had no close Icelandic friends. So, I felt a bit like a failure.”

A young Italian man, Stefano, also came to Iceland. He received a Bible through a God-appointed meeting with missionaries there. As he went through the long, dark, cold Icelandic winter, Stefano began reading this Bible. The Word of God spoke to him so clearly, that he committed his life to Jesus Christ, alone in his small, rented room.

Upon meeting Ray, Stefano was thrilled to find out that Ray was a Christian. Ray began discipling Stefano, who was eager to learn more about his new faith in the Lord. The two young men developed a friendship during their weekly “marathon Bible discipleship sessions.”

It wasn’t until many years later that Ray saw what God had accomplished in Stefano’s life.

One may never know how God is working in someone’s life, or what sort of eternal impact we make on others. What we do know, is the importance of obeying God and letting Him lead our lives and ministries.

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