Why Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is one of the most influential cities on the planet. As the center of the Eurozone financial world and also home to one of the busiest and most connected airports anywhere on the globe, it is a global crossroads of commerce and influence. And from a Kingdom perspective there in only one word for it – strategic.

Whether you desire to work with the many political and economic refugees who call the city home or want to reach the many international students studying at the University myriad ministry opportunities exist throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.


Meet the Hosts

Joe and Allie Lemenager

Joe and Allie Lemenagers

Joe and Allie are church planting in Riedberg, Frankfurt, Germany. They also hold leadership roles within their organization's local team. They are blessed with three beautiful children. They're deeply committed to seeing Riedberg and Frankfurt transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. As Jesus put it in John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they [Frankfurters] may have life and have it abundantly."