From Club Scene to Evangelist

Growing up in a small Romanian village, Ciprian aspired for more. With a desire to make a name for himself and have recognition, Ciprian sought fame through singing. After being accepted into Romania’s Got Talent, the producers suddenly stopped communicating with him. In his hunger for acceptance, Ciprian began singing in clubs. His life started to spiral out of control as he embraced drugs and alcohol to help fill the void and to satisfy the pain of rejection.

In desperation, Ciprian went to church. Though he didn’t like it, he kept visiting, even while continuing his destructive and sinful path. On one evening visit, he heard the powerful testimony of a girl who made a decision to follow Jesus. With tears filling his eyes, Ciprian rose to his feet and surrendered his life to Christ. Ciprian’s life changed as he quit drinking and abusing drugs. He shared the Gospel with anyone who would listen, yet he lacked the direction of discipleship and made many mistakes.

Not long after, Ciprian met Danny, a GEM missionary at church. Danny invested in Ciprian’s life, discipling and equipping him for evangelism. He finally found the meaning and purpose he so yearned for. Ciprian now sings to glorify Christ, sharing the love and hope of Jesus through his music.

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