Little Treasures Project

Little Treasures Project

Timisoara, Romania


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Almost ten years after European Union accession, the orphanage crisis in Romania is not over yet. While improvement continues overall, statistics show that, by far, the hardest hit populations are children with disabilities and, in fact, their numbers continue to rise. These extremely vulnerable children, ages 0-6 comprise a large part of the entire institutionalized population.

The mission of the Early Intervention Day Center (EIDC) is to prevent abandonment of children with disabilities and help them to develop to be all our God intended them to be. EIDC elevates children who are marginalized and proactively reach those children and families with a lifeline of hope and supportive assistance, responding to four profound – currently unmet – needs that will contribute to the prevention of abandonment and institutionalization of infants and children:

-Improved development of children with disabilities.
-Increased adaptive parenting skills for parents of children with disabilities.
-Increased awareness of the need for early intervention services among parents of children with disabilities.
-Increased awareness of the need for knowledge of early intervention services among medical and social services personnel working with children with disabilities.

Help us accomplish the dream of creating “a place where children and families can joyfully meet their potential to be all God created them to be” by donating to the Little Treasures Project today!