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Jordi & Bern Vilahur

Serving in Spain as Consultant to Camps with MCI


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Our Story

Jordi is from Spain and Bern originally is from the Philippines, We have 2 older boys and Isaac who is a teenager. When a missionary from GEM presented to the church about establishing a camp in Spain Jordi immediately catch the vision and started helping. Bern worked in the missions agency as their account officer in the Philippines who are sending missionaries to other countries. She attended trainings on world missions and attended a prayer event, the speaker asked to pray in front of the flag of the country where God has called you. coincidence? or God's timing she pray for Spain. 5 years later, we met in Singapore, got married and continue serving in the camp.

Where We Work

Jordi helped the founder of L'Arcada Camps in Spain search for the property together they kneeled and claimed this place 30 years ago. Jordi has the privilege to direct the first Native American Camp in 1991. He has experienced in Camping ministry, and NOW we are working as a consultant to all camps in Spain with MCI. Bern is also working as administrative assistant in the ministry. After 30 years of only serving in 1 camp, we want to expand and multiply our ministry by serving all the Christian camping ministry and church ministry in need in Spain. To Preach the gospel and make disciples thru serving, teaching, training, mentoring the younger generations. "Spain is a country rich in culture and history, but spiritually bankrupt. Today, only a small number are true Roman Catholics. Spain continues to be one of the least evangelized countries in the world with only 0.3% of the people of Spain having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.