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Bob and Kathie Schwerdt

Serving Christ, serving missionaries, discipling new believers

UK and Europe

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Our Story

We are engaged in a two-pronged ministry. We are based in the UK and provide pastoral care to GEM missionaries across England, Wales, Scotland -- and beyond, as the Lord opens doors. Our aim is to see missionaries flourishing in their life with Christ, so that His life can flow through them to many others!We are also engaged with new believers and others seeking Christ in a new church plant in Stourbridge, England. What a joy to see their lives open up with the hope of Christ!

We currently live in the Black Country of England -- one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution! In fact, the first locomotive engine to run in the United States was built in our town in 1828!
But in a post-industrial time, the local economy suffered and bleak prospects. Depression and a lack of hope still haunt this region. Local weekly church attendance in the Black Country is estimated at about 0.5% -- May God breathe hope and life back into the hearts of these lovely people!