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Ben & Cristina Hartman

Serving in Germany and throughout Europe (and beyond) with eDOT

Kandern, Germany

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Our Story

We have developed a heart for Europe during several trips that we’ve taken there over the past few years. We have seen churches and cathedrals that are beautiful in structure, but have lost the spiritual life that was present years ago. We’ve interacted with people that are hardworking and self-reliant, but lack a relationship with Christ. We wondered, what could we do?Early in 2017, God put us on a path to answer this call to Europe. Ben was on a business trip with some co-workers where one of them told him about the ministry of Greater Europe Mission. That night he went back to his hotel and looked them up online. He discovered that they have a team in Kandern, Germany called eDOT (electronic Discipleship, Outreach, and Training) that leverages technology to create applications to spread the Gospel and see people throughout Europe discipled for Christ. He was excited to find this opportunity to use his technical skills directly for the Kingdom. Some of the projects that eDOT is involved in include topical Bible studies in foreign languages, evangelistic smartphone apps, text messaging programs, and applications related to the refugee situation that is currently happening across Europe.We also plan to use our time in Germany to build intentional relationships with people we encounter each day. For us, it is how we live our lives in the United States- opening our home weekly (or even more than that) to have people over for dinner or dessert- or both! Meeting and knowing our neighbors, taking meals to others, serving other families that we meet through our local bakery, kids schools- especially our daughter Eve, she will be going into German kindergarten. Hoping to be a light to our neighborhood and those we meet and interact with on a daily basis.

Where We Work

While we live in Kandern, Germany, our ministry eDOT works with people from all over Europe to develop innovative technology solutions that equip people for life in Christ so that they can reach the world with the Gospel. Ben's initial role will be to develop software applications and doing technical system administration. Cristina is passionate about building relationships and will use her hospitality gifts to work to build community in our small town.