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Our Story

We're part of a team within Greater Europe Mission called eDOT. This team of technologists is looking for creative ways to help ministries in Europe do what they do better by giving them helpful technical tools such as smartphone apps or online discipleship sites.Jeff is serving eDOT with his background in technical writing, project management, and “no box” approach to brainstorming and problem solving. Along with this, Jeff was called to be a missionary to Europe at 15 years old. He now has the combined heart and professional experience that eDOT needs.Carrie had taken short term mission trips to China, Latvia, and Thailand, among other places. She has a heart to help trapped women, whether they are isolated in loveless marriages, forgotten in their old age, or in bondage to the sex industry. She also has hopes to use her artistic gifts and education to reach the art community in Europe.We arrived in Germany on July 24th, 2014. We are fully funded for the first year, but our health insurance alone will increase by $1,000/month after the first year. Thank you for joining us in this important ministry. We're strategically placed to reach a severely unreached people.We call our supporters Armor Bearers because they stand with us in the battle (1 Samuel 14). We're so thankful that you want to be one of our Armor Bearers! You'll be part of every work we do in Europe, and we pledge to communicate through our Facebook pages (both public and private), through our blog, and through monthly prayer emails.