Your gifts are having a lasting impact. Enjoy these stories from the field.

The Long-Awaited Harvest: A Muslim’s Family’s Decision to Follow Jesus

Jay squinted in the sunlight, trying to recognize the man who called him by name. He hadn’t expected to talk to anyone but his children that afternoon, having taken them to a playground for his own relaxation as…

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Watch: Story of the Romanian Church’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis

Watch an update from Cristian Ungureanu, Romanian pastor and GEM ministry partner. God has mobilized their church network to respond to the physical and spiritual needs of Ukrainian refugees. Watch to hear a story about how God divinely…

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Art in Missions: Performing Arts Ministry in Scotland  

What comes to mind when you think of being a missionary?    Is it church planting? Street evangelism? Bible translation in a faraway country?    Whatever comes to mind, being an actor, writer, or artist is probably not near the top of your list.     Sadly, many artistically-minded followers of Jesus…

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Business as Mission: A Thrift Store in Romania

“Let’s pray before we open up shop,” said Michelle, launching into a daily ritual that had become as important to the employees as it was to her. As she prayed for God’s blessing on the day, muffled sniffling…

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