Experience Europe

September 17 – October 27, 2023


About The Trip

These days will be life-shaping as we train with missionaries, serve alongside ongoing ministry, and experience life in Europe. Ten2 Legacy is for those that are passionate about missions and want to take a step beyond the "week-long mission trip" and dig deep into the work happening on the ground.

During our time in Europe, we'll visit sites such as...

You are invited to join us as we serve and explore Europe. We are confident that this experience will deepen your walk with Jesus and transform your life.


Why you?

Your skills. Your expertise in business, art, technology, language, and more.

Your experience. Your maturity gained through life experiences and your own personal ministry.

Your passion. Your affection for the lost and passion to support the work already underway in Europe.

Why Europe?

We believe Europe is the most overlooked mission field in the world. With only 2.9% of the population claiming to be a follower of Christ, most Europeans will go their entire lives never stepping foot into a church. God can use your skills, experience, and passion to transform lives through Christ in Europe.

Train, Serve, & Experince missions in Europe.


You've arrived in Europe. Over the next week, you'll experience hands-on training with GEM workers.

You'll focus on cultural competencies, discipleship multiplication, and ministry best-practices in a post-Christian context.


You'll travel to join your team and serve alongside local ministry. Possible ministries are serving in a coffeehouse, starting spiritual conversations, teaching English classes, caring for refugees, and much more.




The sights and sounds of Europe is where you'll finish your trip. You'll spend your days visiting beautiful cities and landscapes of Europe while enjoying the local food and people of Europe.

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Explore locations:

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Service & Construction

Breathe it in. You've arrived in the French Alps. This place is popular for retreats, camps, and other events. The camp is surrounded by mountain peaks and stunning views. After your arrival in _______, you'll travel east to the the center which sits at 3,000 ft.

This is where you'll help with creating the perfect setting for guests to meet with God, maintaining the grounds, construction project support, kitchen preparation, housekeeping, and being apart of a multi-year upgrade plan.



Refugee and Churches

The island of Lesvos is located off the coast of Greece in the northeastern Aegean Sea. Lesvos is one of the main gateways for refugees entering Europe. You'll serve inside the refugee camp, and with the local churches in the community.

If you have teaching experience, you can serve as teacher’s aides in the existing school, or work with the Men or Women Engagement Centers (spending time with the refugees in areas set up by gender), supervising in the camp gym, or be involved with distribution of food, clothing, hygiene supplies and much more.

Outside camp, you have options to lead Bible studies with the local Greek Evangelical church, or with the refugee churches (Farsi for the Afghans, Amharic for the Eritreans). Don’t worry, you’ll have a translator, and your words will be translated. Also, there is a need for weekly life skill seminars on topics such as child raising, marriage enrichment, setting up a small business, family budgeting, etc. -the only limit is the skills you bring to the island.

Interested in learning more? Speak with a team member.

Is this trip right for me?

Are you Available?   Between careers, retired, on sabbatical, or flexible?

Are you Funded?   The cost of the trip will be between $8,000 - $10,000. Are you self-funded or able to raise support?

Are you Mature?   In your life and Christian experience? Are you ready to serve instead of lead?

Are you Passionate?   Do you long to see the people around you know Jesus? Are you in discipling relationships now?


If "Yes" is the answer to any of these questions, we'd love to talk with you! Fill out the form to contact our team about receiving more information about the Ten2 Legacy experience.

Greater Europe Mission is a community of disciple-makers that longs to see Europe transformed by Jesus.

For over 70 years, our workers have created relationships and environments of grace where people who are near or far from God feel welcome. On a continent now considered post-Christian, the people of GEM strive to be a light through transformative disciple-making relationships.