"The city of Birmingham alone needs 1,000 church plants in the next 10-15 years."

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in Europe – diverse culturally and generationally. There are over 85,000 university students living in the city, combined with a vast amount of people from other countries as well. And last month, church leaders from across the city gathered to worship, pray, and strategize about ways to reach their city. Over 60 leaders and 40 young adults joined together to reimagine how to reach their city for Christ. They called out to God in Swahili, Mandarin, and English – tribes, and tongues through both prayer and worship. What a great reflection of Revelation 7:9 and an amazing glimpse of what it will be like in Jesus’ presence! 

People from every corner of the globe gathered around his throne in worship. What if we could experience just a bit of that on this side of glory? What if we could get a taste of Jesus’ Kingdom coming on earth? For decades missionaries have been planting churches all around the world. The West Midlands team dared to ask the question, “What if we set out to plant a different kind of church? What if we reimagined church planting to reflect our community?” Over the past year, this group has already planted 12 churches – an amazing accomplishment! In year two they hope to add another 15 churches and by year three, the plan is to have churches planted in year one start launching new churches. 

The city of Birmingham alone needs 1000 church plants in the next ten to fifteen years. The impact of these churches would mean advancing the Kingdom of God and stewarding multicultural ministries in this region. It would mean being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in the local community by sharing the Gospel. It would mean seeing the fruition of Matthew 6:9-10 that says, “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Pray with us as the West Midlands team continues to plant churches and minister to the young people in Birmingham.  Join GEM as we invest in partnerships like this across the city- All in an effort to transform Europe for the gospel. 


Europe is Unreached

Europe contains less than 2% of committed followers of Jesus Christ. We believe Europe is the least reached continent in the world.  

Europe is Ready

The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across the continent has rocked the foundation of many indigenous Europeans. Many declare crisis, we proclaim opportunity.

Europe is Critical

Europe is the crossroad for the world. Now, with the ongoing refugee crisis, reaching Europe is critically strategic for world revival more than ever before.

Your gift will help plant churches in Birmingham, the UK and other cities across Europe.