Pray For Frankfurt: Stories

When we met *Viktoria for the first time, she was very desperate. When we asked how she was doing, she started crying and told us that she was pregnant. Viktoria is only 22 years old and she feels so alone. We do our best and try to accompany her during this challenging time, we apply for funds together and organize doctor’s appointments. The most important thing right now is to get health insurance for them.

*Emanuela is the good soul in our drop-in center: She is around 60 years old and a bit like a substitute grandma for us. She is from South America and came to Germany 25 years ago and has been working in prostitution ever since. But she is very sick and has a lot of physical complaints – but like many other women here, she has no health insurance either. Together we applied for Hartz IV and health insurance and she is now getting the help and care she deserves. We were also able to connect her to debt counseling, so that after more than 25 years in prostitution, she is now taking the first steps in her new life. What a reason to celebrate!


*names have been changed