Pray this Friday at 10am ET / 4pm CET 

Latest Prayer Livestream

April 15

Ways to pray

  • Pray that God would intervene and the Gospel will spread in this region exponentially 
  • Pray for the people of Ukraine
  • Pray for those fleeing the border areas and those receiving refugees is a place where missionaries share specific updates on what is unfolding in the Ukraine and guides to how we can pray and help.

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With the crisis affecting families,
reaching Europe is critically strategic
for multiplication of the Gospel
more than ever before.

Did you know Europe contains less than 2% of committed followers of Jesus Christ? Europe is actually one of the least reached places in the world.

The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across Europe has opened incredible opportunities for people to know the truth and peace of Jesus Christ.

Europe historically has been the influential epicenter for learning, philosophy, art, architecture and religion for more than 2000 years. Now, with the ongoing refugee crisis, reaching Europe is critically strategic for world revival more than ever before.