Lily's Story:

Redemption, Resurrection, Restoration

During the pandemic, GEM worker Lacey Swartz and her friend Rachel were moved to commit to praying for their neighbors, especially the men in the neighborhood and the moms at the local school. During a prayer walk one morning, Rachel met Lily, a young mom who was not well.

"That's when I first saw Lily with her son. She really stood out to me because she was painfully thin and looked like she was in quite a lot of pain."

Rachel was soon joined by Lacey and as the two connected with Lily, she began to open up to them. Watch this story of resurrection and redemption unfold as GEM workers walk alongside European Christians.

Europe Needs More Workers Like Lacey.

Europe needs more Gospel workers like Lacey who can walk alongside the European church and the believers so that those like Lily will encounter the redemption and restoration of Christ.

Will you help us send more laborers to the mission fields of Europe?

Why Europe?

Most European countries have a population where less than 3% claim a relationship with Jesus. Many Europeans can go their entire lives never interacting with a Believer of Jesus.
Europe is the intersection of world cultures. Now, the ongoing refugee crisis has brought the nations to the shores of Europe, making it more critical for world revival than ever before.
The economic, political, and immigration turmoil of the last decade have laid the foundation for Europeans to be ready to meet Jesus and His followers.