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A chance for kids in the US to help build a Jesus-Centered camp for Muslim kids in Kosovo.

Can your Children's Ministry help? 

The camp is designed to preach the Gospel through action and relationships, ultimately leading to spiritual conversations and inviting questions about who Jesus is.

This year, we are looking to partner with children's ministries in the US to help raise funds to build this camp. Can yours be a part of this important work?

Sign up for more information coming soon. We will provide you with the media and tools to share this over your summer camps, VBS, or general programming.

We have a vision to see KIDS in the US help reach KIDS in Kosovo through the funding and building of WONDER Camp!

WONDER Camp & Retreat Center will be a place that is set apart for the primary purpose of the kids and youth of Kosovo to encounter Jesus!



Kosovo is one of the newest nations in Europe and also one of the youngest.
75% of the population is under the age of 35 years old, and many are young children.

Kosovo is also a predominantly Muslim nation- 96% of the population is Muslim.

GEM worrkers are part of the 0.2% that walk with Jesus in the country of Kosovo. They both heard the story of Jesus at a young age and have now given their lives to tell other young people about the love of Jesus. Part of that is through day camps that they host throughout the year for local children.
God has given them the vision to reach even more of the kids in Kosovo through WONDER Camp & Retreat Center. They need our help to do it!