The Focus City Training Paradigm

Vision and Goals

GEM places a high value on investing in its workers and national partners to see each succeed in pursuit of ministry and in his/her personal life as each one lives and serves in Europe. The Focus City team strategy builds on this, seeking to develop capacity for training new workers, organizing new teams, creating new strategies, and innovating new models for Kingdom impact in urban areas We want all long-term GEM workers to begin with a Focus City experience.

Training Coordination

The Focus City Training Hub implements adult learning principles and an understanding of how younger adults learn. Training is coordinated across Focus Cities for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure the same content and quality of training and preparation for our individuals and teams across GEM.
  2. To avoid duplication of effort in development of course curriculum.
  3. To build on the strengths of each Focus City team to the benefit of other cities in the Focus City Network.
  4. To interchange courses and instructors with other cities in the Network.
  5. To reproduce the Training Hubs into future Focus Cities as the initiative expands.
  6. To disseminate learning taking place in Focus Cities to the wider Mission and GEM partners.
Desired Outcomes
Training Values

We realize that GEM is not alone in the development of city initiatives and strategies. In each location, there are partners (both local/national and other cross-cultural workers) who are working with us. We value their input and contribution to the training and preparation that takes place in these various cities. They may include additional training in a particular Focus City. At the same time, we want to make sure that all of our GEM workers (short and long-term) get similar content and quality of training.. Our core training includes the following (organized by GEM values):

Serve In The Focus City Training Paradigm

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