Steve and Tami Harrington

Serving the people and churches in the South London borough of Croydon with the grace, truth, and love of Jesus

London, United Kingdom

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Our Story

God prepared our family for serving in London through 20 years of pastoral ministry in the States. Through a variety of leadership roles and ministry experiences, God has developed in us a desire for discipleship and church growth/development. Along with our three children, we have also seen the significant role our home plays in building relationships with the people right around us and modelling lives that continue to be transformed by the grace, truth, and love of Jesus.

Where We Work

London is an influential and growing city of 8.5 million people, 56% of which are immigrants representing some 300 different cultures from around the globe. At one time, London was at the epicenter of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ but now, sadly, less than 4% of Londoners attend any kind of church at all. In the South London borough of Croydon, our family is partnering with local churches in building community with the community in order to develop and grow discipling relationships. Our desire is to serve and bless the people of Croydon with the grace, truth, and love of Jesus and, through hospitality, invite them into a personal relationship with Him.