Naregh Amy Agelaga

Naregh and Amy Agelaga

Serving as church planters in France


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Our Story

We met in Jos, Nigeria through Youth group at Naregh's home church. We got married and lived in Abuja, Nigeria for 3 years. Amy worked as a missionary Teacher and Naregh, as a Pharmacist. We consider ourselves from Jos, Benue State (Nigeria) and Michigan.God began stirring our hearts to missions before we were married through conversations we had with each other. We both didn't rule out missions as a possibility. In December 2014, we both felt an overwhelmingly strong call to go into missions through a series of different events. Europe has always been on our hearts and France in particular because of the urgent need.We have three boisterous boys who keep us busy, Sonter(7), Kurase(4),and Nahandoo(2).Naregh is a registered Pharmacist and works with CVS and Amy is a trained Elementary Teacher, now a Domestic Engineer.

Where We Work

Europe as a continent, and France in particular, is one of the most unreached and unengaged places on earth. France has a population of 65 million and evangelical Christians are only 0.8%.

It is estimated that 80% of the French have never owned, nor even seen, a Bible. France has the highest concentration of Muslims mostly immigrants from North Africa) in all of Europe.

There is currently 1 church for every 32,000 people in France. More churches are being planted.

The vast majority of people in France don't even know someone who knows Jesus. Christians are marginalized in education, in society, so it is difficult for them to speak up and boldly share their faith - we need prayer, and praise God, this is changing!