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Project Name: Greater Equipping
Your name: Jonathan Dugan
Your email address: [email protected]

Why do you need to set up this project?: Vision Summit Giving Handle
How many people need to receive the monthly reports?: 2
Person 1 who will receive the monthly reports:: Jonathan Dugan
Person 1's email address:: [email protected]

Person 2 who will also receive the monthly reports:: Charles Cross
Person 2's email address:: [email protected]

Does anyone need to see this MU from their eConnect account?: Yes
Who?: Charles Cross
Their email:: [email protected]

Should this MU be active for donations?: Yes
Should this MU be on the GEM donation site? (
What country or countries will this project primarily serve (or will it operate in)?: Europe Wide
In 2-5 sentences, please describe this project. (Different from "Why do you need to set up this project?"): Evangelism without discipleship fails . . . but discipleship that doesn’t produce evangelism also fails.

Through great partnerships, GEM comes alongside European churches and organizations to grow the Kingdom.
And through greater equipping, we are training the believers of Europe to become multiplying disciples.

You can turn the European body of believers into a Gospel movement that grows exponentially by equipping disciples to make disciples who make disciples.