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Luke and Amanda Baublet

Serving in Berlin by making disciples and developing leaders


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Our Story

We live in Berlin among almost 200 people groups from all over the world. Our goal is to help others learn how to connect with God and follow Jesus through building simple discipleship networks led by local people. Our hope is that the international connections in the communities here will help see the Gospel spread from Berlin through the rest of Europe and beyond.

Where We Work

Berlin is the capital of Germany and is a major metropolitan city the second largest in Europe with upwards of 3.6 million documented residents. Germany's history has greatly influenced its religious landscape, and Berlin is located within what was once separated as East Germany, which is still one of the least religious regions in the world. Thus, Berlin is often referred to as "the atheist capital of Europe." and it is estimated that approximately 1% of the city's population have a personal faith in Jesus. Over one million people living in the area have foreign backgrounds originating from over 180 different countries. With the high rates of refugees arriving from the Middle East and parts of Africa, as well as people from around the world immigrating for other reasons, the multicultural landscape of Berlin continues to diversify. This, and Germany's prominent standing in world affairs, makes Berlin a strategic place of global influence.