Tim Melissa Palmer

Tim and Melissa

Serving Appointees at Prefield Training at CIT

North America

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Our Story

We met in college where we did eight short-term mission trips between us. That led to two years teaching English and studying Mandarin in Taiwan which led to seminary for Tim and grad school for Melissa. Then we worked with youth in a Chinese church for five years.GEM entered the picture and, after studying at CIT, we spent four years in Ireland, including learning our second new language as adults. Now we are stateside again preparing others to go. At CIT God is using our experience and skills to train a new generation to tell the nations about Jesus.

Where We Work

Tim is a learning facilitator at the Center for Intercultural Training in North Carolina. At CIT we help new missionaries thrive by instilling in them an attitude of humility and learning so that they enter the field ready for next steps.

A graduate commented, "Tim is a valuable asset to this team. Not only does he have a desire to teach Jesus, but God has given him the gift to see people's hearts. Thanks, Tim, for investing in our family."

CIT Director George Schultz said, "Everything he has put his hand to has been done with excellence. I couldn’t be happier to have him on our staff. I wish I had more like him."

At the CIT residential campus our whole family is involved encouraging the trainees through teaching, discipleship, language acquisition training, and fellowship in a community setting.