Mark and Marti Mylin

Evangelism and Church-planting in Angers, France

Western France

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Our Story

Mark graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary and is ordained by the Presbyterian Church in America for ministry in France. Mark and Marti serve in France since 1994. From 2006 to 2015, Mark was associate pastor of the Reformed and Evangelical Church of Montauban in Southwest France. He served the regional church by preaching and pastoral visits to several pastor-less churches. Marti served the local church through leading a women's Bible study, developing the church website and organizing various church activities. Their guiding principle is to put Jesus Christ and his Word back in the center of the work of the Church in France.

Where We Work

In 2016, the Mylins moved to the Anjou region of France, near Angers ("on-jay") to begin a work of evangelism. Angers is a city of 150,000 including 30,000 university students. The Mylins engage as many as possible in conversations about Jesus Christ, reading and studying the Bible with them. They work in association with the European Presbytery of the International Presbyterian Church to establish a new self-supporting church and network of churches in France.