Jazz Becker

Serving as GEM's Internal Communications Manager


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My Story

* God first brought me to Europe when I was two years old. During my seven cumulative years of living in Germany and several European visits since, God has grown an appreciation, love and passion in my heart for Europe and its people. * As much as I loved Hawai'i as my home for 12 years, the word "Go" has always resonated with me in Genesis 12:1-4a. For me, "Go" meant leaving Hawai`i, so God can use me in ways I've never even dreamed. * I got appointed to work with GEM in November 2012. From December 2014 to December 2017 I lived and served in Paris, France. * In 2015 I met my husband, Sven, at a Christian French language school outside of Paris. We got married in Germany in September 2016 and moved there from Paris at the end of 2017. In June 2018 we welcomed our first child, a son, and our daughter was born in March 2020.

Thank You

*My family and I live in a small town about 50 km east of Cologne. * In January 2018, I became the Internal Communications Manager. With GEM's Chief Operating Officer, we aim to effectively and creatively disseminate information and encouraging stories to the mission family. Working with other GEMers in Europe and the US, I administer weekly and monthly emails, perform other internal comms-related tasks (e.g. social media) and work on special projects (e.g. creating graphics). * Sven works with ZAM "Zentralafrika-Mission" (Central Africa Mission), a German missions organization that distributes Emmaus Bible courses mainly to French-speaking African countries, but is active in over 45 countries around the world. A majority of his job involves working on app for the courses. As of June 2021, people have studied the Bible via the app in over 173 countries and there are over 75,000 finished courses since the app's debut in October 2017. * We attend a local church, where we're involved with men's, women's and (soon) youth ministries. * Although we work in Germany, our work helps make an impact for Christ around the world!