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Our Story

When Jonathan was eight years old, God called him to the mission field. During his teen years he traveled to various countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa, which confirmed God’s call on his life.Deborah was raised in Sweden as a missionary child. She participated in various mission trips and understood that God wanted her to serve Him overseas. Deborah and Jonathan met at Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada. During their third year at school, they fell in love. In 1993, they traveled to Latvia on a short term mission trip and in 1995, they were married. For over 25 years, they have been involved in teaching, training, mentoring, counseling, and discipling in Latvia.Our main ministry for these past 10 years has been to train and coach leaders (specifically church planters, pastors, youth leaders, missionaries and Christian organization leaders) and to strengthen these leaders in their walk with the Lord through prayer counseling and organizing spiritual retreats.

Where We Work

he population of Latvia is a little under 2 million people with almost half of the population living in the capital city of Riga.

Latvia lost its independence in 1940 and was incorporated into the Soviet Union. Stalin liquidated a fifth of the population, deported many more and forcibly settled Russians in their place. The population of ethnic Latvians is now approximately 62%.

The main religion is Christianity with Catholics and Lutherans sharing the majority. Close to 50% of the population are non religious. Recently there has been a strong resurgence of Latvian paganism.