Ryan Sarah Bentley

Ryan and Sarah Bentley

Everyone gets the chance to Experience, Know and Follow Jesus.


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Our Story

Over our lives, God has made himself real and known to us through healing and restoration. We are overjoyed to be a part of God's redemptive work in England, to reach the whole world. There is nothing more we can do with our lives than to express our love and gratitude to God, by showing his love to others and sharing our lives with them. Everyone gets a chance to experience, know and follow Jesus and no one should have to figure out how to follow Jesus alone.

Where We Work

Our Mission: To live as examples, teaching British young adults how to follow Jesus and make disciples of their own.

Our Vision: To have British disciples see their people transformed, and God's Kingdom rebuilt in their country.

We work with local churches and charities to maximize their vision and impact to reach their community.