Jennifer Barlow

Jennifer Barlow

Serving as a counselor to missionaries throughout Europe and serving the French people


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My Story

Most of you didn't know me in third grade, but if you had been on my family vacation to Epcot Center, you would have heard me speak a tiny bit of French and, when someone spoke it back to me, I was hooked! From that point on, I loved France and everything French. I had also been involved in missions groups at church and my favorite part of those meetings as a child was praying for the missionaries. When I went to Seminary, I heard about some traumatic experiences a couple of missionary kids went through as their parents served, and at this point I realized how much prayer the missionaries truly need, and how much hands-on support they need when they are away from their support system and culture. At this point, God gave me a desire to counsel missionaries and to do so in France. In this way, I can also minister to the French people. In 2013, God started opening doors for me to do ministry in France long-term, and I am excited that you want to be a part of that ministry!

Where I Work

I live in Lille, France where I provide counseling to GEM missionaries who are serving in Europe. In God's wisdom and strength, I get to be part of helping to heal the wounds that come from being on the front lines of a tough spiritual battle. I rent a separate apartment for missionaries to stay in while they're here, and they receive intensive counseling for 3-5 days at a time. For another portion of my time, I work with a church-planting team in partnership with French believers who have a desire to see Lille transformed by the Gospel. France is less than 2% Evangelical Christian, so the harvest is plentiful!