Did you know 97 out of 100 Europeans do not identify as followers of Christ? Europe is actually one of the most overlooked mission fields in the world. The economic, political, and immigration turmoil across Europe has opened incredible opportunities for people to seek the truth and peace of Jesus Christ.

Ten2 Project

This summer, renew/start your faith living out the Gospel in Europe. Invest in your Biblical foundation. Experience community and culture. Be mentored in disciple-making. Spend time with God and His Word. Be apart of changing lives for Christ.

Short-Term Trips

Partner with what the Lord is doing in Europe by serving alongside missionaries in the UK, Greece, Romania, Spain, Italy or the Balkans. You'll be sharing the Gospel, partnering with nationals and multiplying disciples in established ministries.

Career Missions

Use your major and skill set God has given you to make disciples who make disciples in Europe. It doesn't take a theologian to be a missionary. It takes one ordinary person who loves Jesus and lives on-mission to make a difference.


Meet April Pelletier

Hi! I live in Lynchburg and serve with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) as a regional mobilizer.

I went to LibertyU and went with GEM on the Ten2 Project last year.

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God can use your skill set and gifting to make disciple who make disciples in Europe. It doesn't take a someone who has memorized the entire Bible, it takes an ordinary person who love God. 

Yes - depending on your requirements. Every year we have college students serve with GEM while also fulfilling internship credit for Moody. We will work with you early in the application process to determine if your internship requirements can be fulfilled with GEM.  

About (GEM)

Greater Europe Mission (GEM) is a ministry that shares the Gospel of Jesus and helps people grow closer to Him through disciple-making relationships. This is all by the transformative power of Jesus Christ for His glory. We are so excited to partner with you as you pursue God’s calling in your life.