Your trip can make a long-term impact.

What is a short-term trip?

Short-term missions with GEM is more than just a trip. It is the devotion of time, skills, availability, and person to partner with what the Lord is doing in Europe. The duration of a short-term service with GEM can be anywhere from 3-12 months.

Where can I serve?

Serve alongside GEM long-term missionaries in Europe! Popular places to serve short-term are in the UK, Greece, Romania, Italy, France, and Kosovo.

What will I do?

Based on the location and season, you'll be sharing the Gospel, partnering with nationals and multiplying disciples in established ministries. These areas include youth ministries, sports camps, educational fields, church plants, refugee work or café ministries.

Choose a duration

Short term cohorts launch every January and September. You will begin your time with 5 days of training and fellowship with other short-termers (locations of trainings are varied depending on time of year) before launching out to your pre-determined location. Training is a place àgrow in faith, understanding, and boldness to aller in obedience under Christ and the Great Commission both locally and globally. Short-termers will then launch to their locations for their set service timeframes. See general service durations below 

Interested in other timeframes?

Inquire here to set up a call with a team member to discuss additional service dates/timeframes.

Questions + answers

Short Term Service with GEM focuses in on what God is currently doing on the field and in partnership with GEM long-term missionaries and partners.

The heart of Short-Term Service is to go with open hands, willing spirits, and a passionate spirit to serve alongside missionaries and local ministries. It’s about God, His kingdom, and His Glory going forth in Europe. We help in this by walking faithfully in every step and turn.

With this mindset, we see life-change happen both on the field and in the hearts of those going. God can use any duration of time to impact eternity. 

The application process begins with submitting a contact form and having a phone call with one of our Regional Mobilizers. This conversation provides context and focus to the application. The application process involves sharing your faith, calling, and where the Lord has been leading you. You will have a video interview with our Short-Term Service Manager. If an offer to serve with GEM is extended, we then move on to placement. Placement primarily involves the Field. You will fill out a placement form which includes location preferences, and your application info will be sent to correlating field leaders. They will review your info and set up a video call with you if their team sees a potential fit. The placement process can involve multiple calls and meetings with missionaries and partners. Use this time to discern yourself if you see a good match! If both sides come to partnership agreement, an official placement will be decided and a budget created. GEM will go over your budget with you and talk through support-raising benchmarks and strategies. Your pre-field time will include support raising, visa applications (if needed), communication/planning with the field, and online trainings  

Missions with GEM is support-based. It is not self-funded but God-funded. We believe and have seen that if God calls, He will equip and provide.

Once placement and time-frame have been confirmed, a budget will be created with the field to reflect location-specific expenses.

You will have the opportunity to sit down with the Short Term Service Manager and go over each line-item of your budget. You will then go through general support raising training. Support raising is an opportunity for believers to give and support the furthering of the Gospel around the world.

Serving short-term often leads to serving longer-term. If during your time oversees, you decide you want to stay longer, then let us know! In most cases, your short-term service is set, and you will need to return home first. We will connect you with our long-term team and start you down the path of returning to Europe

This is FAQ answer.

Training, discipleship, leader development, debrief, meals, lodging, flights, transportation, logistics, ministry support, supplies, 

Yes! GEM has missionaries in many countries throughout Europe. Not every location and team are available to short-term service, but there are other locations outside of the ones listed at the top of this page. These possibilities can be discussed during the application process.  

Yes. Anyone serving short-term with GEM will receive pre-field training, on-field training, and debrief. On-field training consists of both a multi-week discipleship/missions school in Scotland as well as location-specific orientation upon arrival to your primary location 

Everything related to living and working overseas with GEM. This includes housing, living expenses, food, flights, insurance, ministry support, conferences, trainings, and debrief.  

Yes- depending on your requirements. Every year we have college students serve with GEM while also fulfilling internship credit for school. We will work with you early in the application process to determine if your internship requirements can be fulfilled with GEM.