Mosaik Nordwest Church Plant

Praise: The church body received clear direction from the 90 days of prayer for their next steps.

Praise: The church body is having gospel interactions with people in the community on a daily or weekly basis bringing them one step closer to Christ.

Praise and pray: Thank God for two new church planters that the church has raised up to plant two more churches in Frankfurt.

Pray: The church would engage with the community and unbelievers monthly.

Pray: Church members invite neighbors into their homes monthly.

Pray: Ask God to help each house church to start two more house churches.

Pray: Please pray for wisdom and strength for Frankfurt churches during tighter corona restrictions.


Youth Group at Mosaik Nord:

  • Praise God for the growth of a youth group.
  • Pray for a young man to keep seeking the Lord.
  • Pray for the young people to be motivated to stay connected with others who follow Jesus despite covid restrictions.



So, approx. 3 months ago we did experience growth. A Nigerian girl came to YoMo and she also brought a friend once. Both say they are Christians. The one girl struggles a lot with her family, because she lives here alone with her father. She always wants to come to the youth group but there always seems to be something keeping her from coming. So, it’s a little bit frustrating but still, I know she likes the fellowship and needs to hear more about Gods word.


There is also one boy that came back in July after a few months and he is totally enthusiastic about our group. He had a depression and was in a clinic for many weeks. Once he came back, we had some great deep conversations with him. He will be baptized this month in his mother’s church! It’s amazing!

However, he started soccer training and now he doesn’t have much time. So, let’s pray that he will continue to seek the Lord and that this “young plant” is protected.