GEM Workers:
Making a Difference in Europe

A Faithful Presence

Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, is a renowned pilgrimage in Spain where you'll find Wes and Sherry, GEM workers who are making a difference in Europe.

While operating two strategically placed businesses along the Camino, Wes and Sherry also provide spiritual nourishment to walkers along this pilgrimage path.

“Many times, we get to see people and hear parts of their stories. We sometimes get to lead them to the Lord. We are placed along the way to minister to people at that one point, and they need different things when they reach us—a seed to be planted, watered, or harvested.” -Wes

Almost every day, Wes and Sherry are privileged to share hope, the Good News of Jesus, and even pray with visitors along the Camino de Santiago.

Europe Needs More Workers Like Wes and Sherry.

Workers who can be a faithful presence sharing the love of Christ with their local European neighbors.

Will you help us send more laborers to the mission fields of Europe?