Berlin As A City

Few cities in the modern world have had to reinvent themselves in the same way as Berlin. In just the last 100 years Berlin has been all but completely destroyed, then pillaged, split up, rebuilt, and finally reunited. Today, Berlin is a metropolitan, multicultural city known for its nightlife, arts, and music culture, as well as for its 31 universities or technical schools.

Over 3.7 million people from over 190 different nations live in Berlin (4.6 million in the greater Berlin area). The vast majority identify as atheist or irreligious, making Berlin one of the most non-Christian areas in the world; there are areas in the city with a ratio of one believer per one thousand inhabitants. An estimated 400,000 Muslims reside in Berlin, both Germans and others from a variety of nations. For example, Berlin is the largest Turkish city outside of Turkey. There are more mosques (115) than believers from a Turkish background.

The Need In Berlin

Though there are many historic church buildings scattered across the city and some Berliners have a nominal tie to the official Catholic or Protestant churches, spiritually the church in Berlin is quite small. A commonly accepted statistic is that only 1% of the population follows Jesus and evangelicals number around 0.5% of the population. Most church plants are between 25-100 people, most under 50. Of the ministries in Berlin, very few focus on making and training disciples who will then make and train other disciples, and so on

There is a great need in the city for laborers with a 2 Timothy 2:2 mindset to come to the harvest fields of Berlin and to be raised up from within the city. In addition to the need for more workers, the Focus City team has a financial need in order to rent a space for training seminars and meetings.

Multiply Berlin

Focus City Berlin is known as MultiplyBerlin locally. It is a multi-organizational, multicultural team committed to seeing lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus, followers of Jesus equipped to make disciples who make disciples, and as many multiplying churches planted as possible.