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Multiplying disciples in Europe’s key urban centres

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The Apostle Paul spent significant time training disciples in important cities across the Mediterranean. GEM is strategically developing capacity in key cities across Europe, creating hubs where we can train, develop strategy, and create models for growth.

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Few cities in the modern world have had to reinvent themselves in the same way as Berlin. In just the last 100 years Berlin has been all but completely destroyed, then pillaged, split up, rebuilt, and finally reunited. Today, Berlin is a metropolitan, multicultural city known for its nightlife, arts, and music culture, as well as for its 31 universities or technical schools.


Frankfurt plays a significant role in the EU as the home of the European Central Bank. Many of Europe’s businesses find their headquarters in the city making it one of the world’s most globally connected cities. In terms of culture, education, commerce and transportation, the world intersects with Frankfurt daily.

Focus City Training Paradigm

GEM places a high value on investing in its workers and national partners to see each succeed in pursuit of ministry and in his/her personal life as each one lives and serves in Europe. The Focus City team strategy builds on this, seeking to develop capacity for training new workers, organizing new teams, creating new strategies, and innovating new models for Kingdom impact in urban areas. We want all long-term GEM workers to begin with a Focus City experience.


Built on the heritage of industry and commerce, Birmingham is a modern and vibrant city.  It is a centre for innovation and a hub of modern commerce, industry, entertainment, and learning. Birmingham is also the youngest city in Europe, having been rebuilt extensively after WWII. Over 80,000 university students attend one of the city’s five universities. Currently 45% of the population is under 30.


The ancient city of Athens with 3400 years of history is a puzzle of many pieces. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state and is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy because of its cultural and political impact on the European continent. Dominated by various empires for over 2,000 years, by the time of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, Athens had been reduced to a ramshackle village of around 4,000 inhabitants.

Berlin Focus City Team Member

Few cities in the modern world have had to reinvent themselves in the same way as Berlin. In just the last 120 years, Berlin has been all but destroyed in multiple wars, pillaged in the aftermath, split up by foreign powers, painstakingly rebuilt, and finally reunited. Today, 3.7 million people live in Berlin, the most…

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Discipleship Multiplication Communication Manager

Help write, create, and manage the external communications (newsletters, blog posts, event advertising, and social media posts) for a multi-organizational, multi-cultural team focused on making disciples who make disciples and planting simple churches. Do you have a passion for seeing Jesus made known and disciples made? Do you have experience writing and creating digital content?…

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