The Current Crisis

The last 18 weeks have rocked the continent of Europe. Just as the people and systems were beginning to recover from the effects of Covid-19, Putin invaded Ukraine scattering over 6 million Ukrainians across Europe.

We believe that this crisis caused by a man is an opportunity that will be used by God. Europe is ready for the hope of Jesus now more than ever.

Europe is Ready

We need your help. Please consider giving to our efforts to raise up and equip more workers in 2022!

Pray for more workers in the field.

We believe that Europe is in need of two types of workers in Europe:

Catalytic Outsiders from other continents willing to sacrifice it all so that others will know the name of Jesus.

Native Europeans who are unmatched at understanding the needs of their own people. Locals who will stay or relocate to other parts of the continent to spark a discipleship movement.

Prier: God send more workers! God raise up more workers from with-in! Burden our hearts for this mission and give a clear path to those willing to follow your call.