Robbie Brandkamp

Robbie Brandkamp

Serving refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos

Lesvos, Greece

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My Story

A Hoosier born and bred, Indiana has always been home for me. I love the Pacers, the Colts, and showing people how cool of a city Indianapolis really is. My call into ministry didn't happen until my senior year at Taylor University when I went on a short-term missions trip to serve refugees on Lesvos with GEM. That trip had a lasting impact on me because after graduating in 2017 I returned to Lesvos for three months with GEM to continue the work that God had started there. Apparently God did not see fit that three months should suffice, so now I am returning for two years. An indiana boy, turned social worker, turned missionary to refugees. I think it has a nice ring to it.

Where I work

Lesvos is a Greek island that is 4.1 miles off the coast of Turkey, thus making it a hot spot for refugee migration. Refugees arriving on the island live in camps, the largest one being Moria which is nearly always over capacity. Conditions in camp are anything but pretty and comfortable, and the physical and spiritual needs here deep. Much of my focus on the island will be spent in GEM's community center near the refugee camp. This is a place where myself and the others serving with GEM can freely share the truth of the gospel with refugees while building relationships of value and dignity with them. Not only can we share the gospel, but we can conduct Bible studies with believers and run church services in other languages thanks to the selfless help of refugees. There will be some focus on working in the camp as well, which looks different day-to-day due to the fluidity of the situation. Ultimately, whether in camp addressing the physical needs or in the center addressing spiritual needs, the goal is to share Christ's love and truth, and disciple refugees into strong believers as they come to faith.