Lilyan Beckwith

Lilyan Beckwith

Ministering to refugees' physical and spiritual needs in Athens, Greece


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My Story

I'm a relatively recent transplant to Raleigh, NC where I enjoy spending time with my parents and siblings, am an active member of Providence Baptist Church, and participate in the local ultimate frisbee league. Missions work is a radical departure from my background in business (financial management, project management, and strategy consulting) but I am eager to set aside what is familiar in order to pursue God's calling to the missions field.

Where I Work

Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece, is considered an important and influential city given its rich history and its modern-day activity in most major industries. Refugees are primarily landing in the Greek Isles and then ferrying over to Athens; as such, Athens has become the main entry point for refugees seeking asylum both in Greece and in other destination countries throughout Europe. I’ll be joining other GEM workers in Athens in handing out water, food, and clothing to the refugees, building relationships with them, sharing the gospel among them, and discipling new believers.