Cory Kristiana Miller

Cory & Kristiana Miller

Serving GEM-K teens in Ireland and across Europe

Dublin, Ireland

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Our Story

We are deeply committed to seeing missionary families flourish. To do that, we serve GEM's teenagers and their families through long-term relational ministry, including running GEM-K camps and conferences.

Where We Work

Dublin is the capital city and urban center of this small island nation. Although over 90 percent of Irish people self-­identify as Christian, the vast majority of those that do so follow a culturally­ centered nominal Catholicism. The hope and reconciliation of Christ in Ireland is both deeply needed and powerfully strategic. Ireland is globally known and beloved for its musical and artistic accomplishments as well as its playful and friendly culture. As such, Christ’s transforming presence in this place has the unique potential to clothe the gospel message in bridge-­building mediums like friendship and art.