Leroy Debbie Zumack

Leroy and Debbie Zumack

Serving God through the local church in Lille, France


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Our Story

We are developing an international Church in the city of Lille. We are seeking to reach ex-pats, international students and immigrants that speak English. The goal is to make disciples. Internationals move around so we only have a brief time to proclaim, welcome, train and send out those who are a part of our fellowship. The church's name is L.I.F.E. which stands for Lille International Fellowship of Evangelicals. In addition to the project of the International Church, Leroy serves as a prison chaplain.

Where We Work

Lille is the fourth largest city in France. There is a significant student population over 120,000 students studying law, medicine, dentistry and engineering. The city is full of coffee bars and its proximity to other European capitals make it a crossroads of Europe.